Investors' Capital

Axial Partners, formerly City Horizon Group, is a real estate investment firm built on innovation and integrity. Founded in 2016 with the acquisition of its first duplex, Axial has since established itself as a powerful player in the industry, now controlling more than 70 properties. With a deep understanding of investors’ interests and an expertise in maximizing their returns, Axial successfully identifies, secures and cultivates unique real estate opportunities to generate wealth.

We value your trust and partnership.

  • Maximizing
    Demographic Shifts
    Staying ahead of trends, we pursue real estate opportunities in geographic-shift areas, capitalizing on changing demographics.
  • Disciplined
    Selective about the investments we choose, we rigorously test their viability in changing markets, maintaining realistic projections to minimize risk.
  • Stellar
    Our capable and dedicated team ensures that properties are well-managed and that our business plan is efficiently executed, maximizing the potential of our assets.
  • Core
    Integrity and transparency are the foundations of our company. Our honesty earns the trust of our partners and our tenants.


Enabling Collaborative Success

At Axial, we structure our deals to ensure every party has ample opportunity to succeed. We believe sustainable success is only achieved by enabling everyone to benefit. Experience the power of collective success with us, where we prioritize fairness and collaboration to create a thriving environment for investors, partners, lenders, sellers and other stakeholders.
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