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Warning: It is very important to work with professional and reputable companies when working through an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, as many strategies such as keyword stuffing, spamdexing and link farms can get your site banned from search engines, such as Google. BMW's German website was banned by Google a few years ago and they had the contacts to get back listed, but your company might not be so lucky.

Organic Search Engine Optimization
Organic Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the "unpaid" visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results and is key to a long-term SEO strategy. SEO strategy considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and  HTML coding to both increase its relevance for specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing of search engines. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click refers to paying for results on internet search engines. Unless you have high ticket items and a healthy budget, this should be a short-term solution while your Organic Search Engine Optimization strategy takes effect.

Link Building (Trusted Site)
Link building is one of the processes by which your site can build Page Rank. The more people linking to your site, the more trust search engines put in their belief that your site is worth a higher ranking. It is not just about numbers though. Google, for example, has a very complex system for determining page rank and determining the quality of backlinks. It is not important how many sites link back to you, but rather that the right sites link back to you.

Web Analytics
Web analytics is the collection and analysis of internet users for purposes of understanding and optimizing your web presense. Web analytics is not just a tool for measuring website traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research.Web analytics can include researching your own website's traffic, your competitors' websites and general web trends.

Keyword Analysis
Keyword rich text in web pages and key phrases will help your website show up higher in search results. It is important research which words you want to be associated with your company and what keywords and phrases your customers might use to search for your site. It is important to look at general web trends, what keywords your competitors are using and examining your own log files to see what is already working. Another concept to consider here is the keyword density within your content. You want your keywords to show up often and near the top of your pages, but without over doing it and appearing to be using bad practices such as keyword stuffing.

Competitor Research
It is important to look at your competition and to find out what is working for them. Where are they advertising? What keywords and phrases are they showing up for in Google? What is their page rank? Are they using social networking sites? Are they paying for ads? Who is linking to their site? etc.

Content Development
Content creation should be a primary focus of any SEO strategy. Without unique, relevant, and easily scannable content users tend to spend little to no time to a website. All successfull SEO strategies focus heavily on creating this type of content, commonly referred to as "linkbait." Linkbait is a term used to describe content that is designed to be shared and replicated virally in an effort to gain backlinks.

Sitemaps, Video Sitemaps and Image Sitemaps
Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. Web crawlers usually discover pages from links within the site and from other sites. Sitemaps supplement this data to allow crawlers that support Sitemaps to pick up all URLs in the Sitemap and learn about those URLs using the associated metadata.


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